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Your special moment has arrived. Your eye wanders around the beautifully decorated venue, and you immediately spot the eye-catcher in the room: your cake. You can’t wait to taste it, but wouldn’t it be a shame to cut it? This cake is a decoration on its own! After cutting the first piece, the different layers show traditional jam, chocolate, and authentic homemade cake. You take your first bite and can’t deny it; this cake tastes exactly as it looks: heavenly. 

A taste of the cake I'd love to make for you

Imagine. . .

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- Remya

Starting small with designer cupcakes, I soon realized my passion and talent for cake design were more extensive than that. My sense of composition, colour and detail demanded me to think bigger and explore the possibilities of more challenging designs.

I’ve found this challenge with designer Wedding & Celebration Cakes: the challenge of balancing your wishes, expressing myself creatively and simply creating happiness, with nothing less than a spectacular eye-catcher on your table. You can count on me to go the extra mile and make a cake that turns heads, tastes delicious, and brings an extra magical touch to your celebration.

Let me introduce myself. . . .

I don’t just bake cakes; I create cakes with as many biological products as possible while applying the newest cake-making techniques. This means you don’t just get a designer piece but also an actual cake that tastes as good as it looks.

My style can be described as minimalistic, modern, and chic. The A balance of fresh and dry flowers or luxurious rice paper sails enables me to create perfect harmony and a true piece of art; no two cakes are the same. All my designer cakes are unique pieces that come evolve as I create.

Not just any cake

Bjorn & Anita



"The communication & service is incredible! The prices are fair for the high quality. The taste is AS GREAT as the decorations ARE BEAUTIFUL. Overall, perfecTION."

Gwen & ERIK

"De taart zag er prachtig uit en we hebben allen ERVAN genoten. Ik raad rEMYA zeker aan voor iedereen die een elegante taart wil!"

Sweet words

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