Getting married is a celebration of love and promises. But who takes care of the sweet promise, the showpiece, your wedding cake? Imagine a cake that tells your story, reflects your passions, and at the same time tastes like pure indulgence.

With my personal and flexible approach, I completely take the stress off your hands. From designing a fantastic cake to the perfect presentation, coordinating with suppliers, and even the delivery and slicing of the cake. Everything is all-inclusive in my packages. Let me bring your dream cake to life!

Wedding Cakes

Below you can find the wedding cake packages I offer, all inclusive of complete peace of mind. From design to delivery, set-up and cutting, I ensure everything is perfect.

Below, you’ll find the wedding cake packages I offer. Only the best ingredients are good enough for my cakes, and no matter the package you choose: I’ll put all my love into your wedding cake, creating a unique piece that tastes heavenly.

With the Floral Dream wedding cake, I put an enchanting masterpiece on the table; a fairy-tale cake that is only surpassed by its own romance. The highlight of this cake is the carefully selected and arranged floral decoration, perfectly harmonized with the rest of your wedding. I personally liaise with your florist or stylist to ensure that everything—from the theme and ambiance to the chosen flowers and colors—seamlessly aligns. The Floral Dream wedding cake is not just any cake; it's a statement that adds a touch of elegance and romance to your special day.

Starting from €562,- for a minimum of 40 people.

Minimalistic yet breath-taking 

Floral Dream

My head says Gym but my heart says Cake. . . .

With the Urban Chic wedding cake, I push the boundaries of modern cake design. This minimalist masterpiece utilizes a mix of modern decoration techniques such as edible lace, rice paper, wafer paper, and fondant ruffles. I move away from traditional floral motifs and lean towards the aesthetics of modern architecture. With a 'flow' of sails, playful protrusions and abstract shapes that together express an emotion or movement, the 'Urban Chic' cake is a refined spectacle that leaves a lasting impression.

Starting from €696,- for a minimum of 40 people.

Next-level wedding cake

Urban Chic

With the Haute Couture wedding cake, I go to the extreme in cake design. I take the avant-garde techniques of the 'Urban Chic' and elevate them to create a stunning creation. With a range of modern decoration techniques, I create an elegant and playful composition that covers the entire cake and catches the eye.

But the Haute Couture cake goes even further and takes you into the wonderful world of abstract, edible sculpture cakes. I transcend the traditional boundaries of cake design and transform your cake into an intriguing, technically edible sculpture. This artistic expression, designed with abstract shapes and structures, is a real eye-catcher and leaves a lasting impression. A Haute Couture cake is more than just a cake, it's a work of art that gives your special moment an unforgettable allure.

Price on request.

A wedding cake that wants to be seen

Haute Couture

Crushed Oreo's
Crispearls Caramel
Crispearls Ruby Chocolate
Crispearls white Chocolate

ADD that crunch!

Classic with a twist
Red velvet cake filled with cream cheese, raspberry jam
and crumb coated with white chocolate buttercream.

Vanilla cake filled with crunchy biscoff (spiced biscuit / ‘’speculoos’’)
and crumb coated with biscoff buttercream.

Choco Raspberry
White chocolate raspberry cake filled with raspberry jam
and crumb coated with vanilla buttercream.

Lemon & Passion
Lemon poppy seed cake filled with passion fruit curd, fresh raspberries
and crumb coated with lemon buttercream.

Choco & Caramel
Chocolate cake filled with salted caramel
and crumb coated with dark chocolate ganache.

Nutty Caramel
Caramel cake filled with roasted hazelnuts and salted caramel
and crumb coated with dark chocolate ganache.

Lets party
Vanilla sponge filled with raspberry jam.
 Crumb coated with champagne buttercream.

Nutty & Fruity

Pistachio cake filled with raspberry jam and roasted pistachio.
Crumb coated with a dark chocolate ganache. 

Zesty Lemon
Lemon poppy seed cake with a lemon curd filling
and crumb coated with vanilla buttercream.

Berry Lemon
Lemon poppy seed cake filled with raspberry jam
and crumb coated with white chocolate buttercream.

Choco Passion
A chocolate orange cake filled with passion fruit curd
and crumb coated with orange buttercream.

Tropical Love
Coconut cake filled with passion fruit curd and roasted pistachio.
Crumb coated with rosewater buttercream.

Below, you’ll find my ‘greatest hits’ that are guaranteed to surprise your guests. If you already have a flavor in mind, please let me know! We can discuss the possibilities. All wedding cakes are covered with chocolate ganache, so this taste is always provided when you come in for a tasting session!

My cake flavours

I can take care of decorating your table, checking the lighting, adding a sweet table, so your wedding cake is presented just perfectly.




I’ll make your dream cake a reality! I’ll take good care of your cake on your big day and deliver it to your location on time!

Create & Deliver



We’ll take time to create a mood board, discuss your wishes for the theme, and we’ll organize a tasting session so you can try different cakes! I’ll work on the design, and we’ll stay in close contact throughout the process.

Meeting & Tasting



Contact me 6 to 12 months in advance using the contact form. Please include your wedding date, theme, location, number of guests, and inspiration. I’ll contact you as soon as possible.

Contact me



This is how we make your wedding cake together

Let your wedding cake shine by surrounding it with trendy cakesicles, macarons, stamped sand cookies, cupcakes, or other sweets.

I’ll ensure your wedding cake and sweets match thematically with a total package of tastes that perfectly fit together. This makes your special day unforgettable!

I want the complete package for my wedding day!

Your wedding cake as the sweet table crown

Thank your guests with a beautifully decorated box or bag containing a mini Magnum cakesicle, a stamped cookie, or a geo heart that matches your wedding theme. It’s original, lovely, and tasteful! And let’s be honest: a sweet thank you is hard to forget.

Sweets as thank-you-gifts

M & Y

"remya's cake studio crafted a stunning wedding cake for us that was both visually impressive and incredibly tasty. what truly stood out was remya's collaboration and her ability to understand our wishes. she worked closely with us, making our wedding day even more special. highly recommend remya's cake studio for their artistry and dedication. thank you, remya!"

Z & F

"remya made our custom wedding cake and it was phenomenal! the entire process from concept to realisation went so smoothly. remya took her time to really get to know us, she listened to our personal stories and our wishes to get a feel for what we would want our cake to be. she put effort into thinking with us about flavour profiles and how to incorporate the personal in both flavour and design. the end result was jaw dropping and beyond our expectation. we couldn't be more grateful!"

E & J

"we’re glad that we’ve chosen remya’s cake studio for our wedding! 
we found remya’s information on the perfect wedding website and upon the first meeting we already knew that this is the wedding cake designer we’re gonna go for.
we’ve planned a tasting really fast with remya and after the tasting we immediately knew that we didn’t have to look further. remya is always prompt with the messages, the cake tasting went smoothly with lots of great choices. remya is full of creativity and we’ve tasted the best cake ever! besides the amazing cake, the personal touch is one of the reasons that we chose remya to make our wedding cake. we felt welcomed, and remya makes good suggestion of cake flavors and portion, she’s up-to-date with the most fashionable design of wedding cakes.
we’ve got so many compliments about the wedding cake from our guests and we can’t wait to order it again for our anniversary!"

Sweet words